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Somewhere to Belong

When one fateful accident ruins Samantha's dreams of dancing in Barcelona, she finds herself kicked out of the only home she's known for the last twelve years and sent back to live with her family. But her return comes with a devastating shock when she's faced with hatred from her siblings and the discovery they've kept more than one secret from her.

Now, surrounded by a house of strangers, Samantha must learn to stand up for herself or risk being shipped off to another boarding school even farther away. With her dreams of a career in ballet on the line, Samantha is forced to fight the odds and dig out a place for herself among her new housemates and the secret world they live in.

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Finding my Wings

With a goal of gaining access to the Advanced Ballet class, Samantha soon discovers her dreams may be only that: Dreams. Before the instructor will even see her, she must somehow gain his attention, no small feat when she’s blocked at every turn. 

Luckily, Samantha starts her new school life with friends and family there to help her along the way. But will they be enough? The bullies seem too interested in her and her friends, and accidents lead to dangerous situations. 

If that’s not exciting enough, Samantha’s heart seems unable to resist fluttering every time she’s near Samuel. Will dance practice and a school project bring them closer together, or will it cause Samuel to push her away?


Learning to Soar

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Samantha has faced down bullies and begun to make a place for herself with her new family, but not everything is going smoothly. Jealousy in her ballet class leaves her as a target, and new friends might not be as kind as she believes.

Bonding with her new family, though, helps Samantha learn to stand up for herself, and she begins to build confidence. With Joy’s birthday approaching, her new bravery will be tested though when everything threatens to blow up her in face.

Will Samantha find the courage to tell her family what’s happening before it’s too late? And will her blossoming attraction to Samuel leave her heart broken or set her free?

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